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Challenge 31 voting

We have 03 profile headers, shame we couldn't get anymore. Next challenge will be up soon by one of the other mods :)

- Only vote for ONE header.
- No voting for your own header.
- Do not get others to vote for your header.
- No Special Category this week.
- Do not post your headers till voting is over.

Voting Example

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wow, Yuna

Challenge 31 submission

Ok folks challenge 31 is Profile header.. I dunno if any of you have noticed to banner on the profile, but we are in need of one, this is where you guys come in. You must create a profile header. It MUST say the words on it "thegirlsofzelda" and the size of the banner MUST be 600W x 350h. Be creative & good luck :)

Submission Example:

Please post icons like this.

1. 3 headers per person.
2. You must be a member to participate in the challenge.
3. Do not steal someone else's work and pass it as your own.
4. Posting your header must be new unless stated otherwise.
5. When posting your work to the challenge, do not post them anywhere else till the challenge is over.
6. Size must be LJ standards.
7. Girl must be main focus
8. Have fun :)

Deadline will be till 11th March 2010.
wow, Yuna

Want a banner?

Ok this will be a link at the top of the page for easier access.

Basically this entriy is for those who have won challenges and would like a banner made for them. You can STILL sign up to be a bannermaker aswell, if any of you desire.

Form to fill for banner:

(Other could be the images you used, the textures etc. This would be very handy to our bannermakers)

Current Bannermakers

dutchwaffle , kiyala